Class Descriptions

Functional Flow

Using movement that is multi-planar (involves multiple directions), and creates multi-joint action to build stability and strength in the body’s musculature and response systems. Vinyasa Yoga that incorporates biomechanics and gives consideration to daily life.

Revitalise & Restore

Work to strengthen and recharge your body, while settling and calming your mind as we find a balance between movement and stillness.

Relax, Rest & Recover

Using movement and stillness to find balance, while exploring myofascial release techniques to help your body recover faster, build resilience and prevent injury.

Slow it Down

Does exactly what it says – slows you down, to regain energy and focus, establishing balance in your busy life. Spending time in postures allows the tissues to naturally open, giving the mind-body connection time to reset and restore. This class is based on Restorative and Yin Yoga.

Back to Basics

Find your foundation, perfect for your first class or for those looking to reconnect and build their practice.

Stretch & Shine

Activate your breath and get your body moving in this fun dynamic flow. Get yourself mountain ready!

Go with the Flow

Gentle flow using continuous, free movement to soothe your bones, allowing you to feel refreshed and rid of any stagnant energy.

Vinyasa – Yin

Moving with our breath to flow and focus the mind as we travel into stillness. In this class our practice ends with postures held for an extended period that allows us to start targeting the deeper connective network of the body and mind.