Retreat Yo’Self


So it is time to run a little weekend retreat here in France!

I am so super excited for this venture and keep pinching myself to check that it’s real.

If you’d be interested in Retreating Yo’Self (you need to watch parks & recreation) get in touch…. The first of many will be happening this September with Reach 4 the Alps!

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Kula Yoga

In October we headed back to the UK for a variety of events, during this time I launched a charity Yoga class to raise funds for ProjectFutures

The donations raised help fund the work this charity does to prevent human trafficking! I was so grateful to get the chance to support this amazing group when I was back in Glasgow.  Everyone was so generous and thoughtful helping me in anyway they could.

We raised a total of £181.00 which I was totally overwhelmed by. A MASSIVE thank you goes out to Scott @liquidacademy; David Frew for photography, SamanataYogi for donating a pair of gorgeous leggings, Bluebelle Bijoux for providing gifts for the giveaway & Lululemon for providing us with mats.

Thank you to everyone that took part bringing the community together for a great cause, can’t wait to organise the next one!